Because Baggage has been kept under wraps, it has not been seen in any festival, therefore, no critics have reviewed it, but the director did slip a copy to best-selling author, Po Bronson.

Po Bronson (The Nudist on the Late Shift, The First 20 Million is the Hardest, Wired Magzine),
interviewed the director for his highly anticipated book, What Should I Do with My Life?
Po said the following about the film....

Emily (Mariette Hartley) reveals some deep dark secrets
to her old classmate, Sandy (M. Emmet Walsh)

Justine Priestly
Barbara is played by Justine Priestly (sister of Jason)
Will Martin finally have the courage to approach her?

"A wonderful film, very heartfelt, very interesting, always engaging, good acting, great story-- real, not a fable, with glimpses of our romantic notions. I loved the symmetry, but it was always unforced. "
-Po Bronson (

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  "This film is one of those you can go see, and just love to talk about afterward with your friends over dinner... it's one of those that makes you think and feel and leaves lasing impressions on you. The actor who played Martin, in my humble opinion, did an excellent job of portraying the internal emotional conversation. I really liked Tyler and Monica. I'll bet these 2 actors will do well longterm. I really liked M. Emmet Walsh's portrayal... actually, I liked all the actors' work. It also seemed seamless the way you moved from the 3 groups back and forth. I liked the way they tied together. I found it interesting that this film really dealt more with the "boy/man/male" point-of-view. It went beyond the macho, surface figures to show males who are struggling emotionally with life's events. I think teen boys would benefit from seeing it. " - Alanna from  

Reviews and fan mail from the director's previous feature entitled Nothing.

"Aaronson's Nothing collects urgency as we get a feel for the protagonist."
-Roger Ebert (Chicago Sun Times)

"Sprinkled throughout Nothing, there are literally hundreds of moments that are so beautifully structured,
so surprisingly set up, and about so much more than they appear to be at face value, you wind up being awed
that Aaronson is so totally in control of the medium. His editing sense is flawless.
His personality is delightfully flawed. It's the perfect commingling."
-Brandon Judell (America On-Line Critics Choice)

"I went to Rocket Video last night to find something. Instead, I found Nothing.
It was engaging, charming, thought-provoking, and thoroughly beautiful.
Congratulations on your accomplishment. The Cherokee say that answers are fish,
questions are the river. The fish sustains for a day, the questions sustain for a lifetime.
Congratulations on discovering the river so early in life... I've always been one to recognize
and appreciate the kindred traveller. Please add me to what must, by now, be a very large
number of people who have enjoyed your perspective on the river of questions."
- FAN from California

"I just watched Nothing (got it from our public library). It was truly wonderful, breathtaking film I've seen in a long time including the ones I watched last night...REBEL
WITHOUT A CAUSE and ARMACORD (at double speed without sound). Thanks for your big
spirit, wide and wry humor and profound tenacity and courage."
- FAN from Rhode Island